November 2, 2023

10K March for Gaza Nov 4th, 2:00PM, Churchill Square

This Saturday, November 4th, at 2:ooPM at Churchill Square, 100st NW Free Palestine YEG is participating in the National Day of Action 10K March for Gaza. For all those who can attend, Free Palestine YEG asks to follow these guidelines:

What to Wear and Bring

  • Wear Palestinian colours
  • Wear your Kuffiyah
  • Bring posters and flags
  • Dress in weather-appropriate clothing

Protect Yourself and Others

  • Wear a face mask if you want to protect your identity
  • Do NOT engage with anti-protestors
  • Do NOT use hateful rhetoric of any kind towards any group
  • Ignore any attempts to provoke or antagonize you
  • We are protesting with our words and our presence only
  • Be kind, respectful and welcoming to everyone
  • No climbing public property

Our Narrative Matters

Use respectful words with calls to action and meaningful information that educates and brings awareness to what needs to be done. Fact check information from credible sources

Protect Our Cause

Please refrain from Dabke, music, and any other forms of entertainment, or actions that distract from our purpose.

We are marching to honour our Palestinian Martyrs, resist the occupation and make our demands known. Avoid any actions or behaviours that might diminish its significance.

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