April 27, 2023

BBQ & Picnic hosted by The Ansar Youth Association May 7th

Ansar Youth Association and ICNA Young Muslims Present:
Soul Sisters x The Brothering BBQ


Soul Sisters and The Brothering are monthly social circles, respectively, for young ladies and gentlemen aged 15+ hosted by the Ansar Youth Association. These are opportunities for young Muslims to socialize, share food, and have fun in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Typically Soul Sisters is hosted on the last Sunday of every month, and The Brothering is hosed the first Sunday of every month. However, the next session of Soul Sisters will be hosted in conjunction with The Brothering as a joint BBQ!

Date: Sunday May 7, 2023
Time: 1:00-4:00pm
Location: Rundle Park (2909 113 Ave NW)

For more info, visit www.ayayeg.com/bbq or send them a message on instagram @ayayegย !

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