November 3, 2023

“By the Pen” An Exhibit of Islamic Calligraphy & Illumination

In Solidarity with Palestine. Qudsiyyah Bhayat and The Islamic Family invite you to join them in a night of Islamic Calligraphy and Illumination. Reflect upon the works of Master Calligrapher Hattat Ferhat Kurlu, illumination Artist Zeynep Kurlu, and Calligrapher Hattat (Dr) Qudsiyyah Bhayat on the 17 of November 2023 inshaAllah, to be amongst friends in the company of the Quran in its visual exquisite form. To take inspiration. And to show solidarity at the opening of our Fine Art Exhibit.

Use the link below to sign up

Hattat Ferhat Kurlu was born in the village of Dağgüvezi, Fatsa in 1976. During his second year in the Faculty of Theology of Mayıs University, he was introduced to Illumination Ornament lectures and took his first art and Rika courses, igniting his passion for classical Turkish Islamic arts.

In 1996, he met Master Calligrapher Hasan Çelebi through the guidance of renowned calligrapher Mümtaz Durdu. This encounter marked the commencement of his training in Thuluth and Naskh scripts. He was honored to receive the Thuluth and Naskh ijaza (certificate of mastership) in an international ceremony hosted by IRCICA (Research Center for History, Art and Culture) in October 2000.
He participated in various competitions and exhibitions. In 2010, he received the ijaza in Talik from his mentor. He has written the inscriptions of many mosques, fountains and domes in Turkey. He has been involved in the restoration of domes and inscriptions of several historical mosques, creating approximately 250 Hilye-i Sheriff, 100 original Thuluth, CELİ-Thuluth and Talik works. He continues his studies in his workshop in Ümraniye, Istanbul and at IRCICA, where he has been instructing the International Calligraphy course for 11 seasons. He has served as a jury member in the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Islamic Arts, the IRCICA Central Asian Countries Regional Calligraphy, and multiple competitions organized in Malaysia. To date, he has conferred approximately 30 domestic and international Islamic calligraphers with certificates of İcazetname.
Zeynep Kurlu was born in Istanbul in 1983, where she completed her education, memorized the Quran and became Hafız-ı Kalam. In 2001, she married Hattat Ferhat Kurlu and began her calligraphic journey. She dedicated one year to studying under Saime Rikkat Çelebi and another year under the tutelage of Dr. Hatice Aksu.
In 2007, she attended the lessons given by Ms. Ayten Tiryaki in her own workshop. As a result of five years of study, she was granted her ijaza in 2010. She has illuminated many works, including those of Hattat Ferhat Kurlu; which are featured in various collections in Türkiye and abroad. She continues her work in Ümraniye.
Hattat (Dr) Qudsiyyah Bhayat was born in South Africa, and graduated medical school at the University of Natal, Durban. After completing residency, she emigrated to Canada and has been practicing Family Medicine for over 25 years. In 2018, Qudsiyyah began lessons in traditional islamic Calligraphy with Master Nuria Garcia Masip, with whom she studied over long distance for two years, and in person at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London, England. Following her time with Nuria, Qudsiyyah began lessons through IRCICA, with Master Ferhat Kurlu for the Thuluth script and Master Mumtaz Seckin Durdu for Nesih. She made regular visits to Istanbul for the purpose of learning the art and had weekly online lessons for over three years. During that time, she attended University level Turkish Language courses through Fatih Sultan Mehmet University’s online language division and received her C1 certification in the Turkish language.

In October 2023 Qudsiyyah received ijaza from her teachers for Husnuhat (Islamic Calligraphy) in the Thuluth and Nesih scripts signed by her teachers and Reis ul Hattatitin Grand Master Hasan Çelebi.

  • 6:30pm Doors Open
  • 7:00pm Welcome from IslamicFamily: Ibrahim Long
  • 7:05pm Introduction to Calligraphy and Artists: Dr. Qudsiyyah Bhayat
  • 7:25pm Calligraphic Reflections: Hattat Ferhat and Zeynap Ferhat
  • 7:50pm Viewing of Exhibit
  • 9:00pm Conclusion of Event
  • Attendance is free of cost.
  • Each registrant must fill out a separate form to secure their spot.
  • You will participate in beautiful reflection and enlightening conversation.
  • Complimentary snacks will be provided.
  • We have space for Salah when required.
  • Childcare will not be provided.
  • Registration for up to 60 people.
  • Workshop will be photographed and shared on social media.
  • We request that you wear socks if possible, as our space is shoe-free. Our space has shoe racks available if needed.
  • If you are unable to attend, please inform us at least 48 Hours before the event, to allow us to accommodate other interested individuals.
  • Please do not park in designated Capstone parking spaces.
  • Grant MacEwan University lot is located across the street and parking is $5/hour, City of Edmonton parking is available on the street for $1/hour
  • IslamicFamily is not liable if you receive parking tickets.
For any questions or information regarding this event, please contact:

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