November 17, 2023

*Important* Update on “By The Pen” Islamic Calligraphy & illumination Exhibit

🌟 Update on Art Exhibit: Important News for the Jalya Community! 🌟

🚨 Dear Jalya Community, Attention Please! 🚨

We come bearing a crucial update regarding our eagerly awaited Art Exhibit, a heartfelt cause close to our community.

🎨 Artists' Arrival Update: The talented Turkish artists, Ferhat Kurlu and Zeynep Kurlu, have landed safely in Edmonton. However, a small snagβ€” their luggage, holding precious prints and artwork, has been delayed.

πŸ—“ Rescheduled Exhibit Date: In response to this, we've decided to reschedule our exhibit and art sale/fundraiser for Palestine to the upcoming Friday, November 24th. Mark this date on your calendars and join us for this impactful event!

πŸ”„ No Need for Re-registration: For those who've already registered, fret not! Your registration remains valid for the new date. If, however, you find yourself unable to attend, kindly let us know.

❓ Queries or Concerns? Feel free to direct any questions you may have to @islamicfamilyca. They can assist you and ensure a smooth transition.

🌈 Anticipating the Future: Despite this minor delay, The artist excitement is unwavering. Islamic Family can't wait to share this enriching artistic experience with all of you. Your unwavering support is truly appreciated, and Islamic Family and the artist are thankful for your continued enthusiasm.

🀝 A heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of the Jalya community! We eagerly anticipate your presence on the rescheduled date. 🌟✨

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