August 24, 2023

The Mosquers Tickets Are On Sale Now

"A combination of the words Mosque and The Oscars, a third space meant for the talented and wonderful creative community that identifies as Muslim but tells universal stories. A celebration of the often underrepresented and always under-celebrated." - Mosquers Film Festival

The Mosquers is a fantastic film festival that aims to educate, entertain and build bridges through showcasing talent and the diverse Muslim experience. They showcase a variety of different short films every year from all around the world.

The Mosquers is an incredibly fun night filled with entertainment and laughter. The festival's purpose is to help change how people see Muslims by showcasing an array of social issues and diversity in the Muslim community. For all the film fans and cinephiles in our community, you don't want to miss the Mosquers this year.

Use the link below to purchase your early bird tickets for the Mosquers Festival this year.

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