September 8, 2023

YEG Muslim Women’s Swimming Program Starts This September

Sister Amal Sweiss's All Muslim Women's Swimming program starts at the Londonderry Leisure Centre tomorrow. This is a completely enclosed swimming environment meant for Muslim women. Children 2 and under are free, and Boys up to 5 years and under are welcome.
Sister Amal Sweis has over 20 years of experience in creating and managing all-women's swimming programs and has put a great deal of effort into creating this fall program to help the Muslim community in Edmonton.
This initiative is especially great for Muslim Women of all ages, allowing them to have a safe opportunity to swim in private. So please show Sister Amal your support for her wonderful initiative by spreading awareness of her program!!!
Please call (780) 966-3350 for sign-ups and all other inquiries. Drop-ins are welcome. The Address is the Londonderry Leisure Centre 14528 66 ST NW.

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