October 12, 2020


by Leb411

Aness Handous is the CEO and Lead Designer for Tailored Interior, which she launched in 2015, shortly after she obtained her certificate for Residential Interiors from the University of Alberta. Over the last five years, she has built up quite the residential and commercial portfolio, and this year she was nominated for an International Design Award (based out of the UK), which recognizes design visionaries and emerging talent in the interior, graphic, and fashion design.

Aness is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your passion and that you can start late and rise strong! She was 34 years old (and a mother of 3) when she decided to go back to university and embark on a new career in design. It was extremely intimidating but exciting at the same time, and while she did not know what would come of it, there was enough curiosity to get started. Over the last few years, her business has grown into two main facets, the designing of interior space for commercial clients and staging services.

Aness is also set to launch a morning program with CTV Edmonton, called Devine Design with Aness, where she shares trending topics in design. What has allowed her to accomplish so much? Her passion for what she does, her perseverance in spite of failures, and lot of prayers. For Aness, the most important lesson she learned along the way is one of resilience and persistence.

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