February 10, 2023

Mahmood Bachh

Mahmood Bachh is the co-founder of Guava Productions. Mahmood is a talented photographer and videographer with many beautiful projects under his belt. His projects range from corporate photography to video marketing and much more, with each project having its own unique vision and style. His company has a distinct vision for their community.

Guava Productions Eid Toy Drive Video

Tell us about Guava Productions. Who are the people behind it? What does Guava do? And why did you create it?

We are a production house that understands the power of media and its ability to educate, inspire, and motivate communities. Our team of 5 aspires to create a place of learning, practice, and initiative that create impact and meaning in our community.


How would you define the personality of Guava?

Guava is as diverse as its members. Our aspiration is to enable that diversity to strengthen our projects. That being said, Guava is, first and foremost, a place of calm, breezy fun.


Take us through how you work on a project. How does it start, how does it finish, and everything in between? What is your customer’s journey?

It all begins with our client’s stories. Whether a client approaches us or we approach them, the diamond in the rough is always the story that enriches our communities.

We listen to our client's stories, their journey, and how their products or services are shaped by their lived experiences. We share our treatment/vision that our clients then refine. And this is the aspect of my work that I enjoy the most. The process of collaboration…a marriage of the client’s vision and the creative/technical production. To show you what our client’s journey looks like we’ll need to take you through that journey itself because the process is not simply described in words but rather it is the spirit to be experienced.


Since you started Guava, how have you and the company grown? What have you learned? And Where would you like Guava to be?

Wow! all right…that’s a great question. It’s already been two years, and though we are young, we’ve learned so much not just about storytelling but about our community and the business side of things as well. One of the most important things we’ve learnt is that however excited we get about a collaboration, we have to keep the business side of things in perspective. We initially (and quite naively, to be honest) thought that quality is king. And though it is, we must remember that accountability is queen. And you know what they say, right? Behind every successful man, there stands a woman.

What’s been your favourite project to work on and why?

My favourite project is one I’m working on right now, actually. I was approached by a local singer/songwriter…a really talented guy. He’s released and published five singles and now wants to push himself to the next level. So, we’re making a music video for his latest single, Mars. It’s a great song; it’s about a person who feels at odds with this world. He feels like he doesn’t fit in because people have made it claustrophobic for him to be at peace. People judge and advise him despite him neither asking nor caring for their opinions. He feels that he would be more at ease if he were far removed from society. He feels like society has abandoned humanity for superficial ideals and values.

It’s available everywhere. Give it a listen. “Mars” by Furqan Riaz. The artist himself is a great guy. He’s open to feedback. He’d love to hear your thoughts.


Where can people find you and Guava Productions on social media and online?

We’re everywhere! Old and new networks alike.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, VERO, Koji… But visit our website. We’re most responsive via our website: www.guavaproductions.ca

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