August 27, 2020


by Yelp

I'm delighted to have this new cafe on Whyte ave. That corner needed some new blood, and I needed some place to get my falafel fix. Today, the outdoor sandwich board beckoned to me. As soon as I spied the falafel meal for $18, I was in.

Loads of precautions are taken, yet the proprietor was warm and inviting.  Super friendly.  As she prepared my dish, I perused the desserts case.  Baklava and other goodies as far as the eye can see.  Another case brimming with fresh cheeses and olives. Everything looked gorgeous.

They have the place roped off pretty good, so they don’t want you sitting around.  I didn’t even ask for a seat, so I’m not sure what the dine in situation is.
I walked home 4 blocks and my food was still warm and tasty.

I appreciate that the falafel is soft, and the crust isn’t too crusty. Many others seem to be dry and tough to choke down.  Not these.  Perfection. The pita was soft and delicious. Roast potato the same. Not too salty either. The salad was fresh and the lettuce crisp.  Lots of seasonings.  Great tzatziki. Not too runny.  I am happy and full. There is enough for 2. - Shawna P. (Yelp review)

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