January 20, 2023

Vanessa Potestio

Vanessa Potestio is a substitute teacher for numerous Edmonton school boards and a certified clinical aesthetician and makeup artist. She also instructs makeup workshops, one on one classes; and at an academy for makeup artists who want to become certified and advance their knowledge and skills. Vanessa owns the BV studio, a beauty/bridal studio. Vanessa has been working as a makeup artist for a little over ten years, and in 2021 she decided to take the leap and open up her own beauty studio/spa. The goal for BV Studio is to assure that no matter what service someone is receiving, that the client is leaving happy, satisfied, and ultimately, confident.

Why did you choose the makeup and skincare industry as your career path?

I chose this career path because I've always had a passion for the beauty industry. Helping women of any age, race, skin tone/type feel beautiful and confident in their skin is such a fulfilling experience for me. Ever since I was a little girl I've always been mesmerized by the beauty industry and all the different outlets it had to offer. I was more on the shy side growing up and makeup always felt like a safe, comfortable space for me to be my true self. Once I quit my full time teaching job, I decided to pursue my beauty dream and give it my all. I attended EIE where i received my diploma in clinical aesthetics. This seemed like the appropriate next step because all my beauty clients were already trusting me with their skin. I'm a huge advocate for education and always advancing your knowledge and skill no matter what field you're in so I wanted to ensure I could provide the appropriate services, treatments, and education for my clients.

What was your vision for BV Studio when it started, and how has that changed?

My vision for BV studio from the beginning was for it to be a safe space for women to come in and receive any service and to leave feeling beautiful and confident. I would say not much has changed during this journey. I strive on building individual, trustworthy relationships with each and every single one of my clients whether it be a bride trusting us for the biggest day of her life, or my clinical clients who are trusting me to help them get to the best skin they've ever had.

What type of personality would you say defines it?

My personality/business personality I would say is bubbly, talkative, yet shy all together. I always like to say I'm an introverted extrovert. Meaning, I love to chit chat and be social but the battery only runs so long. However, I can always promise to ensure that my clients whether I'm seeing them at 4:00 AM for a wedding or at 4:00 PM for a facial will feel comfortable and safe around me. I strive to obtain a judgement free zone where women can feel comfortable to chat about whatever they like. Makeup, esthetics, and the beauty industry all together is such an intimate experience between the artist and client and can really bring out someone's vulnerability. It's my job to ensure they feel comfortable and safe and are aware that whatever is discussed between myself and client will always remain that way, between myself and the client.

Tell us about yourself

As mentioned, my name is Vanessa Potestio. I am 29 years old. I come from a big, Italian family with whom I am very close with. I am newly engaged and I am a relatively new muslim. I converted to Islam in 2020 during the pandemic and have been in love with Islam ever since (plus some). I love to eat/cook, go to the gym, watch movies, and be around those closest to me. Although social media is a part time job, my circle is very small with those that mean most to me. I love makeup, beauty, skincare and all things modest fashion. Modest fashion is another passion of mine that I hold very close to my heart. I love helping women feel beautiful while still being modest as well working with pieces they already own and working with any kind of budget. I am a certified teacher (Concordia University of Edmonton), makeup artist and esthetician. I speak Italian, English, and French fluently and am trying my best to learn Arabic.

What’s your favourite part about working in the wedding/bridal industry?

My favourite part of working in the bridal industry cannot be pinned to simply one point. From the moment a bride books her special day with me I am with her until the end. We develop a relationship of not only beauty and makeup but something much more intimate. I am there to listen, to vent to, to give my best tips, tricks, recommendations and so much more. I work extremely close with my brides to ensure their big day is nothing short of perfect. I have a wide variety of clients and experience and so I am quite knowledgable on different cultures, traditions, religions and much more. I am there for my brides no matter what, some may even say I become very protective of them, which in a sense is true. I know how stressful weddings, planning, family, etc can be, and so my job is to make my bride forget about all her worries and focus on herself and this special time.

Any upcoming plans for your business that you would like to tell us about?

BV studio is ALWAYS working on exciting things behind the scenes...so stay tuned!

Where can people find you online?

We can be found on IG: @ bvstudioinc
Website: www.bvstudio.ca

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