June 23, 2023

Abe Mustapha

by Haris Yar Khan - Jalya Writer

Tell us about yourself

My father, Mohamed Mustapha, brother and I opened Laziza in 2011. We are Palestinian, and I personally have been in the culinary industry for almost 19 years now.

What were the biggest challenges in creating and now running Laziza?

My biggest challenge starting Laziza would probably be building a customer base over the years and the long hours my family and I have put into starting and continuing for the past 12 years.

What makes Laziza unique from other Mediterranean restaurants?

 What makes Laziza unique is the variety of halal international foods that we have to offer. We make Italian (Pizza & Pasta), Middle Eastern (Shawarma, Humus, and Fattoush), to Canadian classics such as poutine.

What’s your favourite item on your menu? Or what do you recommend to a first-time customer?

For a first-time customer, I recommend trying our Pizza and Lasagna; our other popular menu items are burgers, donairs, salads, steaks and our stir-fry.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my father, who has been in the food industry for over forty-five years. He has taught me everything I know about running our business and serving our community.

Where can people find Laziza online?

You can find Laziza on Instagram or check out our website at www.laziza-edmonton.com

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