February 17, 2023

Emad Elshmoury

Emad is the owner of YEG Burger; his passion for cooking started when he was a child learning to cook from his mom and dad. One of the reasons Emad started YEG Burger was because he felt there needed to be more halal burger restaurants in Edmonton, and he wanted to help fill that void. YEG Burger has received great love from all over Edmonton and continues to grow and evolve.

Could you tell us about Yourself?

I am a self-taught chef with seven years of experience in kitchens and nine years of experience in managing operations. I’m a big foodie at the heart of it all and love travelling and trying different cuisines worldwide.

When did you start YEG Burger? What was the mission at the start of YEG Burger?

YEG Burger opened in August 2017 to provide great-tasting, high-quality burgers to the Edmonton community. Our burgers are made fresh, handmade and never frozen, and we use a higher quality (triple-A) Angus beef.

How has YEG Burger evolved since it opened?

When YEG Burger first opened, my vision was to serve the Northside community well. However, we never envisioned receiving customers from around the city and outside of Edmonton. So, over the years, we’ve become a destination restaurant with patrons driving in from Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Beaumont and many more.

How would you define YEG Burgers’ brand/personality?

YEG Burger’s brand focuses on two main things: Fresh, high-quality food and community orientated. We never wanted to be that pretentious burger place with fancy ingredients that charges a ridiculous amount for the burgers. Instead, we wanted to be that neighbourhood joint that everybody loves because the food is fresh and delicious! We also wanted to ensure we support the community that supports us through a variety of good social campaigns.

What is your favourite burger on the menu?

The 152 Burger, it has coleslaw and potato chips, and if you pair that with our Ferrero Rocher milkshake, you’ve got yourself a great meal!

How often do you experiment with your menu? What have you learned from experimenting?

We experiment every month with a different burger of the month and milkshake of the month, and we never repeat the same thing twice.

Check out YEG Burger’s Instagram @yeg_burger to keep up with exciting updates/experiments on their menu.

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