September 17, 2020


by Yelp

You know, addictions can be terrible things.

The delicious, traditional oven baked pitas featured at places like SunBake Pita and PitaBake on the north-side left me with a craving that simply HAS to be satisfied a few times every month. People who have sampled the pitas here know what I'm talking about.

So when I learned about an obscure restaurant way on the other side of town that also sold stone baked pitas, do you think I'd be willing to make a 45 minute trip out of the way to try them? Hell yeah!

Sayah Meat and Pita is located in a strip mall in the Callingwood area. It is not really a restaurant, but more of a middle eastern deli/grocery store. It's shelves are packed full of strange and curious goods that you definitely won't find in any Safeway. In the back of the store is where they bake the pitas.

I decided upon a spinach pita, a kisha (cheese) pita and a zaatar & cheese mixed pita. For something to drink, I grabbed a one litre jug of imported pomegranate juice. Total cost was $14. Yeah, you read that right, I got three huge pitas and a whole litre of tasty, healthy juice for only 14 bucks!

The pitas themselves were just as good as those sold at SunBake and PitaBake on the north-side but at HALF THE COST of those places. The spinach pita was particularly good with that slight tart taste.

The only qualm I have is that Sayah's has only three stools to sit on, so most likely you'll have to order your stuff and go, but considering the quality and the great prices this is easily over looked. Hopefully they'll expand and get more seating in the future.

I'm telling you, if you live in the westend of town and haven't experienced the delicious pitas offered by Sayah Meat and Pita you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

And if you are an oven baked pita addict like me, I don't care where you live, get down to Sayah's the first chance you get. -Ben D.ย 

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