February 8, 2021

Our Doors are Open to Shelter our Less Fortunate Neighbors

by Al Rashid Mosque

While many of us take cover from the cold weather in our homes, many of our fellow Edmontonians suffer a different fate.

The winter season, especially during times like these next few days of extreme cold coupled with our new reality in the midst of a global pandemic, our homeless populations are facing increased danger and risk of death.

With this sobering reality in mind, Al Rashid Mosque has activated its overnight space to accommodate community members who face homelessness. As part of the Winter Emergency Response with the City of Edmonton and Homeward Trust, Edmonton Transit has scheduled Al Rashid on the route and is therefore able to transport individuals to our Centre all night until February 13, 2021.

Over the past two years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to host over 200 less fortunate neighbours and we want to make sure that they have a place to stay this year.

We urge all citizens around our Mosque area to direct any individuals experiencing homelessness to come to our facility so as to get help or call 211 where the authorities can provide assistance.

Community members who wish to volunteer may contactย info@alrashidmosque.caย to make arrangements. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only accepting water bottles, wrapped snacks, and disinfecting wipes as in-kind donations.

You can support this initiative by making donations through the link below. Donations will help pay for disposable blankets and pillows, cleaning supplies, bus tickets, hardy snacks and security at night so we can monitor visitors, staff and volunteers coming to the building and keep everyone safe.

For more information please contact:

780.451.6694 orย email info@alrashidmosque.ca

For Media Requests please contact:


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