December 2, 2023

Counselling Muslims: Ibrahim J Long and REACH Edmonton’s 2-Part Series

🌟 A Joint Endeavor for Community Growth 🤝✨

Exciting news echoes through the community as Ibrahim J Long and REACH Edmonton join hands to unveil a transformative 2-Part series focused on supporting Muslim clients. This initiative is designed to foster cultural competence, enlightening professionals, caregivers, and anyone passionate about inclusive care.

🌙🤲 Journeying Through Essential Insights:

Embark on an enriching journey guided by Ibrahim J Long, delving into crucial insights for the care of Muslim clientele. The series covers fundamental aspects such as understanding Islam and Muslims, exploring the historical relationship of Islam and psychology, and delving into common spiritual themes and religious practices that may arise in the context of care and counsel.

📆 Mark Your Calendars: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 🕖 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 📍 Location: Library Room (Lower Level), Edmonton Intercultural Centre. 9538-107 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5H 0T7

This event serves as a beacon of cultural understanding, emphasizing the significance of respectful and inclusive care for our Muslim community members.

🌐 Series Highlights:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on Islam and Muslims.
  • Explore the historical ties between Islam and psychology.
  • Understand common spiritual themes and practices.

Join us as we embark on this enlightening series, a testament to our commitment to community engagement and growth.

🤝 Stay Connected:

Keep an eye out for updates, sneak peeks, and invaluable insights from Ibrahim J Long as we draw closer to this enriching series. Your journey toward cultural competency begins here!

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