December 5, 2023

Uniting Hearts: Albertans United for Children of Gaza Donation Drive-By

Jalya Stands with Albertans for Gaza: Uniting for Humanitarian Aid

In a powerful testament to compassion and community spirit, Jalya proudly supports the initiative led by Albertans for Gaza. Together, we stand united to make a meaningful impact in supporting displaced children affected by the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

Event Details: 🗓️ Dates: December 8th & 9th
📍 Location: 10139 Princess Elizabeth Avenue, Edmonton

Our Shared Mission: This Donation Drive-By is focused on providing essential items for the displaced children in Gaza. On December 8th and 9th, donations will be collected at 10139 Princess Elizabeth Avenue, Edmonton, to be sent to Gaza through UNICEF.

Emphasizing In-Kind Donations: The initiative encourages in-kind donations, specially tailored to meet the needs of children in Gaza.

For the Children of Gaza: This non-partisan humanitarian initiative is dedicated to the children of Gaza, echoing the UN's concern for their disproportionate vulnerability amidst war, occupation, and displacement.

Jalya Stands in Solidarity: At Jalya, we recognize the importance of standing together during challenging times. We stand in solidarity with Albertans for Gaza, sharing their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

Join us in amplifying this call to action as we repost and promote Albertans for Gaza's noble initiative. Let's unite in support of the children of Gaza, proving that even from afar, our community's heart knows no bounds. please use this link to donate or volunteer:

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