July 11, 2023

Get Your Tickets for Risala Institute’s Marriage Seminar


Risala Institute is hosting a Marriage Seminar this August to help young Muslims prepare themselves to manage this special experience through this practical and realistic seminar.

Purchase your tickets using the link below:


Learning objectives:

● To establish the family on a solid and responsible basis.

● Understand the implications of marriage on a person's life.

● Understand the rules that govern the procedure for preparing and celebrating marriage.

● Know the main practical solutions to the various obstacles to access to marriage.

Main Content:

● The importance of marriage, its meaning and its virtues.

● The criteria for finding/choosing your husband/wife.

● Initiate the contact and know a person who interests you.

● The betrothal, commitment and involvement of parents.

● The marriage contract and civil marriage.

● The celebrations and the wedding party.

● Dowry and wedding gifts.

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