December 25, 2020


by Emily Gruz - Jalya Writer

Wafaa Hawa is the owner and head designer for Fairytale Weddings & Events. Wafaa has been creative her whole life. From designing her own clothes, designing floral arrangements, to home improvement projects, and now decorating weddings and events.

She strives for perfection and the highest level of satisfaction from her clients. Wafaa works with different textiles, florals and hardware to deliver a unique design to each and every client.

No two events are the same, and why would they be when her clients are are different in their own way?! This is something Wafaa is passionate about and it shows in her work ethic. She takes pride in all her work.

When did you start your business? Was there something/someone who inspired you?

I started my business a few years ago. I’ve always had an eye for decor and I’m always changing up the look in my house... My family sees how much I enjoy it and they pushed me to start this business.

I haven’t looked back since! I debuted my first custom designed backdrop at my daughters wedding and I’m happy to say it’s been my most requested backdrop!

Would you say you reached all of your goals since you started or do you have more to achieve?

I definitely have not achieved all my goals yet! However, I’m happy with the amount I’ve accomplished.

What are the ups and downs when dealing with the Arab community?

There are a lot of ups and downs dealing with many different communities. A huge upside is the speed in which my name gets passed around! With large engagements and weddings, word spreads quickly!

A downside would probably be that they all have such similar taste, so we really have to work together to find a way to make their event stand out from a previous one, all while still trying to make their dreams a reality.

What would you change if you had to do it all over again?

If I had to do this again and change one thing I would have started my business a very long time ago! I absolutely love what I do and I truly am so happy doing what I do.

What challenges has Covid-19 brought to you and your business and how did you overcome them?

With COVID-19, my business has taken a hit that I was not prepared for. At first clients weren’t sure if they just wanted to reschedule and then it was cancellation after cancellation. And it wasn’t just clients. Suppliers were also closing around the world, therefore no new inventory- which is crucial in this industry.

It was and still is a very hard time, however, for those who paid deposits or paid partially I kept their money as a credit towards their event no matter when it may be in the future, which a lot of people appreciated instead of just not refunding deposits and losing their money.

COVID-19 is something no one could control and I found it not fair to keep their deposits. In a time like this where every little bit can help, I’m always willing to help no matter what!

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