June 16, 2023

Sarah Altamimi

by Haris Yar Khan - Jalya Writer

Tell us about yourself (Education, Experience, Background, Hobbies)

I have always been someone that leaned toward the arts, from writing to painting, to

fashion design, interior design, and, eventually, graphic design. I found it difficult to hone in on

one passion/interest, but I eventually studied Visual Communications at NAIT with a focus on

graphic design and felt that it was a perfect fit.


How and why did you create “Designed by Salt,” and what was the process of creating

your own business like?

I have a very clear direction when it comes to design, and I truly believe in the power of

entrepreneurship. Because of this clear direction, I always knew I had to create a business/

brand that allows me to have creative freedom and authority over the product I’m selling. I also

have a multitude of creative ideas driven by an intense passion. Designed By Salt was my outlet

and exhibit - a project that will never end and hopefully continue to grow.


Since you started as a “Designed by Salt,” what challenges or hurdles have been thrown

at you, and what have you enjoyed most about working in this field?

My biggest hurdle was overcoming imposter syndrome and finding time. I think believing that

you’re not good enough is what stops many of us. But I overcame this thought when I came to

the truth that I trust in my skills and believe in the creativity of my vision. The thing I enjoy most

about being a Graphic designer is having a creative outlet that actually helps other people and

goes on to live in the world of marketing. I love seeing my work come to life.


What inspired you to learn about Eastern architecture, and how have you integrated it

into your work?

What inspired me to learn about Eastern architecture was my intense interest in design and

being from an Eastern background myself. Living in a Western world where Eastern

contributions are greatly overlooked, I felt the need to showcase the beauty of the Eastern

world in a style that is more serious and chic. I sought an artistic preview into countries the

Western World wouldn’t think of as... artistic.


Who or what has been the biggest inspiration in your life, and in what ways have they

inspired you?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. They are both enthusiasts of the arts, whether

poetry, music, or painting. Therefore, they encouraged it and gave it value. They are also very

casually confident and sure of themselves and me. They have always treated me as

someone who will be the best at whatever I choose to do. This casualness gave me the

confidence to try something somewhat uncommon as a career.


Where can people find you and learn more about “Designs by Salt.”

My Instagram is @designedbysalt, and my website is designedbysalt.com.

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