November 26, 2020


by Emily Gruz - Jalya Writer

Gina Chebli is a lash technician who runs her own business called 'Lash Play' based in Edmonton. Her lash business differs from others in the city as she specializes in custom lash designs. Gina also privately trains people straight from her business.

When did you start your business? Was there something/someone who inspired you?

I was in the makeup industry for 10 years. I always had a passionate eye for the beauty industry. I built a strong clientele and was constantly asked if I did lashes. I decided to pursue my lash career in 2013.

I aways had the mind of an entrepreneur and I've always wanted to be my own boss and work at my own schedule. I work for the people and it's truly so calming and fun for me to do lashes.

Would you say you reached all of your goals since you started or do you have more to achieve?

I have reached the goals that I made for myself 5 years ago. I have a lot more to achieve, as we are always growing and learning. The more I learn the more opportunities I have to expand and capitalize my current achievements.

What are the ups and downs when dealing with the Arab community?

I really don’t like to categorize and say that it’s just Arab community, but in all honesty I would have to say that on a positive note they love to look great and take care of themselves which is a huge asset to the industry. The downfall is that it’s hard to get support from the Arab community, as they stay where they’re comfortable, such as family and friends.

What would you change if you had to do it all over again?

I would work harder than I did because the amount of effort and hard work I put in these past 4 years ,I wish I had put that same amount of dedication for when I first started, even though I did always provide my best. When you first start a business, you have a lot of ups and downs. There will be days when you feel like you want to give up, but don’t.

What challenges has Covid-19 brought to you and your business and how did you overcome them?

With COVID-19, it affected a lot of businesses. Speaking directly about mine, I would say I found that a lot of clients decided to hold off on lashes due to the fear of this pandemic.

When we also had the lock down, we couldn’t take any clients which affected me financially and mentally because my clients became friends and it was really hard not being able to visit and give them the best lashes ever. It’s hard to progress in your business when you have to all of a sudden stop providing your services due to unfortunate circumstances.

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