November 2, 2020

Things Arab Men Say: Edmonton documentary provides insight on…

As Ghassan El Chazli leans back for a hot shave, the room hums with laughter and the buzz of electric razors. El Chazli is just one of the Edmonton men of Arab descent featured in… Read More

October 12, 2020


Bruno Saleme is both an MD/Ph.D. Candidate with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta. While his list of awards over the last several years is… Read More

October 12, 2020


Every two years, Equal Voice (a multi-partisan organization that advocates for the equal representation of women in politics) invites young females between the ages of 18 to 23… Read More

October 12, 2020


OCI Architecture is an award-winning firm that delivers a world-class design that is strategically aligned and visually inspiring. Both Aumer Assaf and Sid Assaf (along with a third… Read More

October 12, 2020


Aness Handous is the CEO and Lead Designer for Tailored Interior, which she launched in 2015, shortly after she obtained her certificate for Residential Interiors from the University… Read More

October 9, 2020

Boosting Resilience For The Digital Age

Join us in the annual Christian Muslim dialogue. This year the topic will be “Boosting Resilience for the Digital Age” Date And Time Sat, 31 October 2020 1:30… Read More

October 9, 2020

Canada added 378,000 jobs in September

After losing more than three million jobs in the early days of the pandemic, Canada’s job market has recovered to within 720,000 positions of its pre-COVID highs. (Anis Heydari/CBC)… Read More

October 7, 2020

Edmonton Zone surpasses 1,000 active cases of COVID-19

More than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 are active in the Edmonton Zone, a new milestone for the region. Tuesday’s provincial data shows 1,062 active cases in the Edmonton… Read More

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